Author: Catherine Ayesa

CVM Medical Private Covid-19 test


Digital Pivot Keeps CVM Medical Agile through Pandemic

April 14, 2021  •   4 min read

Businesses across the globe have struggled with the challenges brought about by COVID-19. Businesses have done their best to adapt to the new normal of working during a pandemic with varying degrees of success. In these most unusual times, how do healthcare professionals continue to meet the global and local medical transportation and testing requirements for those in need?… Read more

Shopping food online

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How Physical Stores Benefit From the Surge in Online Shopping

November 19, 2020  •   3 min read

It’s amazing how much can change in a year. The world today is not the same one that we knew at the start of 2020. During lockdown, businesses and everyday people adapted to changing circumstances by making use of technology. E-learning, e-commerce, and remote working all surged in popularity, and online social connections flourished.… Read more

Google Shopping Guide

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What You Need to Know About Google Shopping

October 10, 2019  •   2 min read

Google Shopping is now live, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you may want to do so. If you are unfamiliar with Google Shopping, you might even be wondering what it is (aside from what the name makes obvious).… Read more

Visibility metrics in Google Ads

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Visibility metrics in Google Ads

August 18, 2019  •   4 min read

While there are excellent metrics to help you identify gaps in visibility and opportunities for growth, it can be a bit difficult to determine precisely which metrics to use. Keep reading to review six metrics we can use to find growth opportunities in search campaigns.