Case Study

The Cornish Bakery : Cornish Pasties & Google Top Spots Delivered

Cornish Pasties & Google Top Spots Delivered

We helped The Cornish Bakery consider all options to continue driving an income and bringing their award-winning pasties and cult-loved sausage rolls to customers right across the country during the UK’s first lockdown.


  • Achieved a 51% month-on-month increase in organic traffic through Marwick’s Google Search and Ads strategy.
  • Elevated key Google keywords like “pasty delivery” to number one rankings on
  • Met ambitious weekly sales targets, boosting monthly sales significantly.
Marwick collaborated closely with the team’s social media strategy, swiftly initiating an optimal approach for Google Search and Google Ads. Within three months, the company’s website saw a remarkable 51% month-on-month increase in organic traffic, driven by our proven Cornwall SEO framework. Initially, key Google keywords and phrases such as “pasty delivery,” “Cornish pasty by post,” and “Cornish pasties delivered” ranked modestly on page 3. However, three months later, The Cornish Bakery consistently claims the top spot on for these terms, achieving the company’s ambitious weekly sales targets. This steady growth in monthly sales has become a reliable supplementary revenue stream, particularly valuable during the prolonged lockdown periods affecting the country.

Stephen Evans-Wrobleski, Head of Commercial Operations, remarked, “We entered the online sales arena with a bold goal to maximise market penetration and expand nationwide. We aimed high from the outset. Marwick quickly grasped the challenge, presenting clear graphics and straightforward bullet points to demystify the process. They immediately set to work. It’s immensely satisfying to see our brand and products organically discovered as soon as customers search for them. Collaborating with Marwick to achieve this, alongside Excess Energy, has been a pleasure, significantly boosting our annual turnover with this substantial additional income stream.