Where does the name Marwick come from? That’s a regular question from clients new and old. It’s a pretty cool story, so we’ll share it here.

Our founder and current managing director Christian Thomson spent his early twenties as a professional surfer travelling the globe exploring countries like The Gambia, Morocco, Barbados, Maldives, Cape Verde and many other tropical places.

Marwick Marketing
Photo credit: Wavelength Magazine


However it was one very remote surf spot that spiked his imagination.

There are a small number of islands located north of Scotland and south of Iceland that despite the endless winters, can get amazing surf.

Thomson had run a number of expeditions to the area and surfed some of the best waves of his life with nobody around for miles.

Marwick is the name of one of the more “well-known” surf spots on these islands, and is a classic long right-hand point break.

He decided to name his digital marketing agency after this surf spot for this simple reason.

“To gain true perfection, and to beat the rest of the competition, sometimes you have to go that extra mile”

So there is a synergy between great digital marketing and surf expedition.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us that little bit more.