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"One of only 3% of agencies in Europe and North America to be classified as a Premier Google Partner Agency, Marwick Marketing's move into the UK market, through an office in Newquay, is part of an ongoing investment and expansion strategy."

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"A hyper-focus on search marketing (SEO/PPC) to help companies expand their market share, increase their revenue and gain more market share. Let us make you our next case study."

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"Marwick Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that covers everything from search engine optimisation and pay-per-click ads to social media management and website design. As a Google Premier Partner in the top 3% of all partners across Europe, Marwick’s services are well sought-after, and they can make a big difference for local companies"

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"One of its most notable projects is with The Cornish Bakery, helping increase the presence of its Pasty-by-Post campaign. Many food and drink companies started to offer delivery services during the pandemic, but Marwick Marketing helped The Cornish Bakery grow its organic website traffic by 51%."

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Our Marwick Marketing UK team is headquartered and based right here in Newquay, Cornwall.

We love to meet up with new clients and old clients alike, for face to face catchups and strategy sessions!

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5-7 The Crescent, Newquay TR7 1DT

SEO Masterclass with Cornwall Chamber Of Commerce by Marwick Marketing

Couldn’t make the last Cornwall Chamber of Commerce SEO masterclass? Don’t panic we have it recorded below. During this video, our CEO, Christian Thomson discusses Google’s new Web Core Vitals update, keywords, seven pillars to SEO success, and much more. Enjoy!

Search Engine Optimisation Cornwall

It’s no surprise that the term “SEO Agency in Cornwall” is searched on Google by Cornish business owners more than 100 times a day. Business owners just like you looking for a Cornwall-based SEO consultant to help their website rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo.

Hi, my name is Christian Thomson and I’m the founder of Marwick Marketing, a Cornwall SEO agency. As an SEO consultant in Cornwall, our agency provides SEO services to a huge range and breadth of companies across the county, from Penzance to Saltash.

We’ve been doing this since 2012 and our SEO specialist team has helped hundreds of local Cornwall-based companies improve their positioning on Google and thus increase their revenues. We know how to utilise the best, cutting edge SEO techniques that put you top of google and help your business grow! Since we launched Marwick Marketing over 10 years ago, we’ve worked closely with hundreds of local, national and international business as their SEO company of choice, to help improve their online marketing and help their business grow.

We believe that when you hire us to be your SEO consultants in Cornwall, it’s about more than just rankings. It’s great communication, excellent reporting, and a mutual partnership – as your business growth is our business growth.

We don’t work on SEO contracts, we work on results and relationships. Hence your success IS our success.

This page will give you all the information needed to make an informed decision on who to hire as your next Search Engine Optimisation consultant.

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Top Premier Google Partner Agency in Europe & The Only One In Cornwall
Cornwall Google Partner
"The Marwick team is brilliant to work with. They are great at communicating the technical SEO aspect of their work, showing clearly how their SEO efforts are benefiting our business. They have listened to how we wish our brand to be presented digitally and made suggestions and implemented ideas that align with this. We highly recommend them."
Emily Nixon
Emily Nixon Jewellery - Hayle, Cornwall

SEO Cornwall - Case Study 1 - Emily Nixon

Fine jewellery crafted in Cornwall studio by designer Emily Nixon.

In May 2021 Emily Nixon and her team hired Marwick. With the goal of increasing organic traffic for their website from the UK & USA.

Marwick Marketing set about optimising Emily Nixon’s website for a range of highly searched keywords.

This allowed the website to rank high for all of its major keywords. In four months the website Organic Traffic increased by 52% generating dozens of leads every week.

“The Marwick team are brilliant to work with. They are great at communicating the technical aspect of their work, clearly showing how their efforts benefit our business. They have listened to how we wish our brand to be presented digitally, made suggestions, and implemented ideas that align with this. We highly recommend them.”

Emily Nixon enjoys number one placements on Google due to our SEO services for keywords like “cornish jewellery designer” and “cornish jewellery maker” – imagine if your website was number one on Google too!

"Christian really helped us to understand SEO. We had never really understood what search engine optimisation meant, but now we do! Clear, professional and concise, working with Marwick Marketing was a pleasure."
SEO consultant cornwall
Rebecca (Bulcraig) Heane
Cream Cornwall - Helston, Cornwall

SEO Cornwall - Your Questions, Answered!

The first step to getting more traffic to your website via organic search, is to book a discovery call, either by calling us on 0117 463 6979 or using the link above. 

During this 20 minutes call we’ll discover if we’re the right fit for your business and your business goals. If we aren’t then we will provide you with a number of helpful options. 

If we are a good fit then we’ll move to the Deep Dive phase. This requires you to fill in a short questionnaire about you, your business and your goals. This give’s our account director team the information needed to go away for a day or two and research the very best path to success for your Cornwall SEO and digital marketing. The Deep Dive is then presented to you over Google Meet. The presentation is packed full of value and insights specific to your business. If you like what you see and you want to move forward, then we will send you a formal proposal for SEO services. 

Our SEO Deep Dive presentation’s are our the second step in us getting to know your business so we can provide the best solutions for your digital marketing and business growth. Regardless of us getting hired or not, business owners tell us how valuable and insightful these presentations are. Book yours today – nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
Our SEO Deep Dive presentation;
👌 is 45 minutes long
👌 includes information on the performance of your competitors website
👌 highlights revenue growth opportunities on Google & Bing
👌 audits your current website for over 200 technical items
👌 is free (we love doing them!)
👌 has ZERO sales pitch

Our team will create a custom SEO proposal based on your growth plans, competitors, geographical target reach, the state of your current SEO ranking and backlink portfolio of your current website. We don’t offer packages as every single business and site in Cornwall is different. However our Cornwall SEO fee’s range from £500 to £7,500 a month depending on the above data, where your site is at currently and what your online marketing goals are.

Once the SEO proposal is signed and the set up fee paid, the Marwick team get to work on building your detailed SEO strategy document. This is then shared with you. It’s this document that outlines our detailed SEO startegy that has been custom designed to your site and your website goals. Once agreed on, the Marwick team get to work on optimising your website for better organic ranking positions and up to that all important number 1 spot on Google. You will be given the SEO strategy document and log in access to your own SEO dashboard. 

We understand you have a ton of choice when it comes to finding a SEO consultant based in Cornwall or even a full service SEO agency in Cornwall. However none come close to our experience and expertise.

  1. Premier Google Partner Agency (Top 3% in Europe)
  2. Award winner of Cornwall Business Awards (Young Business Person)
  3. Founding agency to the CIMC Marketing Conference
  4. UK Bing Solutions Partner
  5. UK Shopify Agency Partner
  6. Published SEO on Forbes, Cornwall Business Magazine, Cornwall Trade & Investment.
  7. Team of 20 SEO consultants all in-house!
  8. Over 115 five star Google reviews from happy clients
  9. Accredited SEO coach for Unlocking Potential

Choosing the right Cornwall SEO company to work with who can help you achieve your online goals isn’t easy, and we would highly recommend you take your time and ensure you do your research so you can feel comfortable and confident in your new digital marketing partners.

With over 100 positive reviews on our google my business profiles, it’s no secret or surprise that most of our clients would highly recommend us to their friends.

Marwick Marketing is a leading SEO agency in Cornwall, and well known for its SEO results. However we also provide excellent support with Google Ads, Social Media, Conversion Rate Optimization and Website Design. 

We’re not just an SEO company. We are a global digital marketing agency and full service online marketing company based in Cornwall.

We offer a complete range of digital marketing agency services that get results and put your website on top! From building beautiful, cutting edge new websites with our web design specialists, to digital pr, user experience optimisation, content marketing and website content development, local SEO and link building.

A successful SEO Cornwall strategy will call on all of these elements and more, which is why it’s more important than ever before to partner with a full service digital agency who have the tools and people that can make your internet marketing campaign a success.

After the proposal for SEO is signed off we will work with you to create your SEO Strategy document. In this document we will outline benchmarks and goals of the SEO campaign. Each month we will send you reports that show the progress of the campaign, not just the stats but the work completed on your website by our team. We follow this up with a monthly call – this is a great opportunity to review the report, share ideas and create a focus for the coming month based on your business goals.

You will also have 24/7 access to your own SEO dashboard. In this dashboard you are able to monitor keyword rankings, SEO site audits, your back link portfolio and your competitors website performance too! 

You’ll sign off on the SEO proposal but there’s no long term commitment. We work on relationships and results. You can cancel anytime just by giving us 30 days notice. This time period allows us to wrap everything up in an organised fashion. 

Search Engine Optimisation typically takes 3 months to see progress due to the fact it takes Google and other search engines time to recognise the impact of the work done. That said we are able to monitor keyword ranking improvements on a daily basis. You will be able to log in anytime you want and view your website placement for any number of your keywords.

SEO as a digital marketing channel is often described as having compounding results. It can take some time for a new client SEO campaign to really gain momentum, and for everyones hard work to pay off with those all important page one rankings.

This is particularly true if you’re a new business or have a brand new website design, and also depends on what type of link building you might have had done on your website in the past.

An older, more established website may find it easier to gain that initial traction, as you already have a degree of established authority and history behind your brand.

But more established businesses can also have their fair share of issues too that will hold back your initial progress. If you’ve previously worked with an SEO company who didn’t employ the best SEO strategies and practices, you might find that the link building and onsite optimisation they’ve applied years ago, have since triggered tipping points in more recent versions of Google’s algorithms that are now causing ranking penalties.

All that is to say that, there really is no clear one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how long it might take for a new SEO campaign to start to see results. Every website we work with is unique – whether a new website or an established one – and each SEO campaign requires and deserves a unique and custom strategy.

In any case, our highly experienced SEO specialists can set you on the best path to long term business success, and we would highly recommend that you reach and get in touch with our team today, to find out more!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and that is simply a way of saying you are making it easier for search engines like Google and Bing to find your content. SEO services, provided by SEO consultants like our team here at Marwick Marketing, are focused on making it easier for Google to discover and understand and rank your content in organic search.

Search engines have as their goal the matching of relevant, quality content to your search. If, for example, you go to Google and type in “best nail trimmer for dogs,” Google is likely to provide you with a list of reviews, or perhaps even pet stores in your area. The best SEO services know that and use it to get you top of Google! Years ago, this type of search intent matching didn’t matter. These days, understanding intent and satisfying it with the content you create a market on your website is vital.

The page that comes up in response to your search is referred to as the Search Engine Results Page, or SERP, and most people searching for something never venture past that first page of 10 results, so if you are trying to bring traffic– and thus customers– to your website, ranking on that front page is vital to your business.

If you operate a business and have a website, at some point you’ll naturally start to turn your focus to how you can better promote that website, and help search engines like Google to understand what you do. Many people believe SEO is simply having the right keywords on their website so their page ranks higher in search engine results.

Although keywords are an important part of SEO, they really only scratch the surface of what’s involved in having your website rank well. Here at Marwick Marketing, we’ve poured blood, sweat and tears (well maybe not blood) into mastering the concept of effective SEO services to help businesses get found on the internet. 

Few industries change as frequently and rapidly as SEO.

Not too many years ago, running a successful SEO Cornwall campaign was simple and “seo experts” were everywhere!

Web design and user experience on your website weren’t important because, years ago, Google’s algorithms had no way to measure and account for how a website was designed, how users interacted with it, and whether it truly answered their search query.

Just a few short years ago, you could run a highly successful Cornwall SEO campaign with no more than some basic technical SEO and some low quality, high scale link building.

Targeting the right search terms was easy – as a users intent rarely factored into the result set that Google served up. If your keyword research showed high volumes of searches for a given keyword, you’d simply hand that off to your content marketing team, publish a page about it and then do mass link building until you hit the number 1 spot.

A lot has changed in the algorithms since then. And a lot, too, has changed in what’s required to make search engine optimisation seo services successful.

A little further down this page, you’ll find a more detailed breakdown of our 4 step SEO process that is currently powering higher rankings for hundreds of local SEO, national and international SEO campaigns – and will continue to do so for years to come.

Starting with a full, detailed and highly comprehensive audit of your website technical SEO health, our SEO specialists dig deep into your foundations.

At this stage we’re looking for any potential technical SEO issues that may hinder or prevent optimal crawling and indexing of your sites pages. It’s a complex and sometimes daunting stage, but it’s vital to get this step right and help us lay the best possible foundations for your future and long term SEO success.

Once we’ve completed that and worked closely with your web developers to implement any technical changes that need to be done, we’re onto the really exciting stage.

Step two is where we take a deep dive into your business and your audience. A deep understanding of your industry and your target audience, will help us to identify the keywords that drive traffic in your niche. We’ll work with you to build a detailed map of keywords at all stages of your funnel – from informational to commercial intent – that will form the backbone of our ongoing SEO strategy.

With our target keywords identified and mapped to the most relevant pages on your website (or new pages created, if needed!) we move into the ongoing phase of our SEO process.

Here, the goal is to continue to grow and expand the volume, scope and breadth of keywords that your website has a presence for in organic search.

Whilst we’re always working continuously on improving your rankings for those core, primary keywords we identified together in step 1, we know from experience that these keywords are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the opportunities that exist for your site in organic search.

We’ll continue to take deep dives into your industry and your competitors too, to uncover new keyword opportunities at every stage of your funnel. Then we’ll work out a strategy to create content that supports and answers the needs of those searchers, and puts you at the top of the SERPs time and time again.

In short, yes!

It’s never too early to start optimising your site.

If you’re a new business or just recently launched a new website, making sure your website is optimised as quickly as possible will make it easier and faster for potential clients and customers to find your company.

Starting a new Google My Business profile is a highly recommended first step, as it can take several weeks to go through the address verification process. In fact, you can often start the Google My Business verification process while your new website is still being designed.

At Marwick Marketing, we can also work with your existing web design company to ensure that your new website is set up and optimised with SEO in mind from the very beginning – so you’ll never need to back track and redo technical work that can hold you back from reaching the top of Google.

Speak to our SEO consultants today to and let’s make a plan to get your new website on the map so more customers can find your new website online via the search engines. Our SEO services are custom designed to get your business to that top page of Google search results!

Local SEO is a type of website optimisation service that focuses on improving your websites rankings for local search terms in your area.

Local SEO is perfect for local brick and mortar businesses or service area businesses who want to make sure their business website is on the top page of Google for search terms in their industry within a certain radius of their location.

Better rankings for local search terms is a reliable and long term way to drive more traffic to your website content, and helps us get results that make a tangible difference to our clients bottom lines.

If you want to get results with better rankings for your website content, get in touch today and find out how our SEO experts can help improve your websites visibility in search with targetted optimisation services.

Content marketing is an SEO technique that focuses on the research, creation and promotion of high quality, highly shareable content that resonates and connects with users.

Content marketing is often talked about as a link building tactic too, with the idea being that quality content is also highly linkable content, liable to attract more natural links, as well as shares on social media.

Good content marketing creates amazing content that search engines and users alike, love.

But the best versions of content marketing act almost as digital pr, attracting links and social media shares that also bring targeted traffic themselves too.

This high value content can also be used in pay per click campaigns to amplify it and help improve its chances of gaining momentum as a linkable and shareable asset.

But don’t just rely on creating and publishing high quality content in the hopes that you’ll appear and gain rankings in the noisy and crowded online world.

The next step to levelling up your content marketing campaigns is to conduct manual outreach to select influencers and authorities in your industry. Over the years, we’ve developed and executed a number of bespoke outreach campaigns that have helped amplify great content for our clients with press and industry coverage.

Can any SEO agency based in Cornwall do my content marketing?

A deep knowledge of advanced keyword research and topical understanding is definitely a key requirement of any SEO agency looking to leverage  quality content creation to boost customer ROI from content marketing. So if you’re interesting in exploring the power of content marketing, finding the right company to work with who can help you get to the top of Google is key to maximising that all important marketing ROI.

Digital PR is the process of promoting your website and your business through earned media in your local area, nationally and in key industry publications.

Just a couple of short years ago, digital pr wasn’t a part of most companies optimisation services. These days, it’s a highly recommended part of a growing portion of SEO strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Search engines love websites that are professional and authoritative, and highly relevant and trusted links and mentions of your brand in popular media sources are a huge trust signal that can increase your visibility and your chances of attracting new visitors to your website’s content.

Our professional SEO team have the knowledge and experience to help identify relevant media outlets that could help your business achieve its digital pr goals with organic coverage and increased visibility.

If your website isn’t getting enough visitors online and you’re struggling to boost your visibility, it could be time to get in touch with a professional digital marketing company.

A great agency will start with a full audit of your current site. There are so many factors that go into ranking a website, and an agency will have the knowledge and expertise to take a full, critical analysis of your current positioning.

This analysis will then form the basis of a custom strategies that will boost your online visibility and support growth in your business for a long time to come.

"We've been working with Christian for the past few months on improving our website's SEO and ranking. With his help we have seen both an increase in traffic and a jump to no 3 on page one of google's listing, aiming for no 1 spot soon when his final improvements are implemented."
SEO agency near cornwall
Rob Innis
Gold Bird Hair Design - Truro & Wadebridge

Marwick Marketing SEO Agency Certifications

Best SEO Agency Cornwall - 100+ Google Reviews

Tell Me More About SEO In Cornwall

What is on-site SEO?

Onsite SEO is a term used to describe the actions and efforts taken in an effort to increase the organic ranking of a site in search results. On-site SEO is also referred to as on-page optimisation because these activities happen on (or, in) the website’s pages. Onsite SEO consists of many factors that when combined can have a significant impact on your site’s rankings. On-site SEO is split into two segments; technical and non-technical.

On-site technical factors refer to elements such as meta tags, URL structures, HTML formatting, all things you have 100% control over on your pages.

What is off-site SEO?

Offsite SEO is the process of influencing the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via external factors.

Offsite SEO is all about getting high-quality backlinks to your website and leveraging those links so that you can rank higher than your competitors on search engine result pages (SERPs).

A backlink is a link from another website that points directly to yours – so, for example, if an online clothing store were linking to someone selling jumpers, this would be considered to be a backlink. If you are not familiar with what are ‘backlinks’ read our blog on the subject here.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is important because it tells you which topics to create content around and for what keywords to optimize your website.

Understanding the value of keyword research is difficult if you’re new to search engine optimization (SEO). You might think that SEO services are all about getting traffic from Google, but it’s actually about satisfying your customer’s intent with the content you publish. And figuring out how people search can help make finding your website easier for them too!

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the branch of search engine optimisation SEO which involves all actions involved with making a website “search engine friendly”. This means ensuring that the site is technically optimised to allow for easier indexing by search engines, more relevant content being displayed in search results, and more traffic being driven through organic keyword rankings.

The main steps that make up technical SEO can include: ensuring that there are no broken links or missing pages; using keywords in URL’s; employing clean code (for example, clean code not only makes it easier for people to read, but also makes it easier for bots to crawl); XML sitemaps; META descriptions, Google Web Core Vitals and so on.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

A question many business owners and marketing managers ask when they are looking to increase their company’s revenue by attracting high-quality customers from the internet. Simply put search engine optimisation is a process of making certain that a web page is easy for search engines – such as Google – to find and well-ranked in their search results.

‘Search engine optimisation is a process of making certain that a web page is easy for search engines to find and well-ranked in their search results.’

There are many different ways to increase the number of visitors to your website from the internet, but one which has been proven time and time again as being one of the most effective methods is through proper SEO. Search engine optimisation can seem like a very intimidating topic, but it’s not as complicated as you might think. Here we will take a look at what exactly SEO is, how it works, and why it’s important for a growing business to invest in SEO.

To get more customers from the internet, SEO can make all the difference.

SEO is a complicated process of analysing search engine algorithms and adjusting your content accordingly in order to increase its visibility within organic (non-paid) search results. This means that through proper SEO you can rank highly in Google for specific keywords or phrases which potential customers might be searching for, and therefore get more visitors to your website who are actively looking to purchase products, services, etc. rather than just browsing casually and clicking on whatever catches their eye. Ranking highly on Google’s first page of organic results can be worth over a huge amount of money for most businesses in Cornwall.

When you hire us as our SEO agency in Cornwall we will work hard to get your business ranking highly in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

There are many different factors that determine where a web page ranks in search engine results, but it is important to remember that the only true way of getting better rankings is by creating excellent content which is rich in keywords or phrases that potential customers would be searching for. This will mean that more people will visit your website who are interested in what you’re offering, rather than just clicking on one of your competitors instead.

So as you can see, SEO really isn’t as complicated as some businesses and marketing managers might think! By investing in proper SEO techniques such as those we at Marwick Marketing provide our clients, your business can greatly increase its revenue.

Can You Perform A One Time SEO Audit For My Cornwall Business?

We highly recommend an SEO audit because it is the key to improving SEO performance. No matter how experienced an SEO you are, everyone can benefit from an SEO audit. You might think that your website is perfect or that it’s doing well on organic rankings but this isn’t always the case, and one of the first things we look for on a site when doing an SEO audit is the lack of on-page optimisation because this almost always means there are some big wins to be made in terms of optimising on-page factors. Our SEO audits cover a full range of areas including, but not limited to;

  • Meta Page Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • URL Structure
  • Index Coverage Status
  • 404 Errors
  • Broken Internal Links
  • Broken External Links
  • HTML Sitemaps
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Schema Markup
  • Structured Data
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Page Speed & Performance
  • Bounce Rate
  • User Journeys
  • Exit Pages
  • Goals & Conversions
  • Keyword Research
  • Content & Media Serving
  • Duplicate Content
  • Landing Pages
  • Page Level Analysis

Backlink Portfolio & Why It's Important For Your Cornwall Business

As a key ranking factor of SEO ranking, backlinks on your site have a big role to play. Backlinks are simply incoming links from other sites to yours, so it follows that you need as many of them as possible. Credible backlinks are important for search engine rankings.

Not all backlinks are created equally, as such it’s important to understand that not all backlinks will have the same impact when it comes to search engine rankings.

A strong backlink from a trusted website will pass on “good vibes” to your website. A weak backlink can damper your SEO efforts. In fact, many poor backlinks can really hold you back from your full SEO potential. It’s important to understand the backlinks you currently have and have us help you identify ways to increase your portfolio of good backlinks.

Transparent, Real Time Reporting

24/7 access to your very own, custom reporting dashboard.

Track your rankings in real time.

Our Tried And Tested SEO Process

Our 4 step SEO process has helped hundreds of businesses to increase targeted organic search traffic to their websites, and ultimately generate more leads and sales online.

1. Lay The Foundations

It all starts with ensuring that your site’s technical foundations are built solidly and on sound SEO principles and best practices. Having the right foundations makes it easy for Google to find your most important pages.

2. Optimize Your Pages

With the foundations laid, it’s time to start building. Identifying keywords that actually drive traffic in your niche and strategically placing them in key onpage HTML elements on the correct pages on your site helps Google to understand what that page is about and rank it accordingly.

3. Build Your Brand

Backlinks, citations, mentions of your brand name on the web and even people searching your brand name are all strong indicators that your site is useful, important and relevant. Fine-tuning and then amplifying those factors turn up your online brand power and drives authority to your website.

4. Own Your Niche

Now is the time to expand your reach with a well-researched, expertly designed content development strategy. We’ll help you become the go-to resource in your niche, expand your organic reach and rank for more keywords. All by creating high-quality, research-driven content that engages your audience and answers the questions they are actively searching for.