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As one of the oldest and most historic cities in the UK, Exeter is often referred to as “the small city that packs a big punch”.

With a history dating back over 2,000 years, modern day Exeter is a wash with vibrant independent businesses, a thriving food scene and an abundance of boutique arts and craft businesses, events and festivals.

With such a rich history and a proud “shop local” ethos, hundreds of businesses choose to set up or expand into Exeter every year.

To be successful here, you need to understand the local market. And you need to create and execute digital marketing strategies that connect and resonate with your target audience.

Here at Marwick Marketing, we specialise in search engine optimisation in Exeter and throughout the Southwest of the UK.

Through the power of targeted SEO campaigns, we’ve helped many businesses find success and grow their online audiences.

From local startups to family run businesses to national or even international SEO campaigns, our Exeter SEO agency team have the skills, experience and expertise to help your business rank higher and attract more organic search traffic.

Contact us today to chat to one of our digital marketing specialists, and find out how we can help your business grow.

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Your Local, Exeter SEO Agency

At Marwick Marketing, we are your trusted, local Exeter SEO agency.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses across Exeter and throughout the UK to rank higher on major search engines such as Google, bringing more targeted traffic to their websites and increasing their sales and conversions with our tried and tested SEO process.

If you’re ready to find out more, book a time to chat with one of our team today, and we’ll show you exactly what our dedicated and highly experienced team of search engine optimisation specialists in Exeter could do for your business.

Why Do You Need An Exeter SEO Agency?

Millions of people across the UK, and billions internationally, use Google every day to find information, research and buy products and discover companies online.

By some estimates, almost half of that search traffic is for local searches. That means thousands of Exeter based users, searching on Google for business and information every single day.

A great Exeter SEO agency can help your website be more visible in Google search – helping you reach more local Exeter customers and clients and grow your business online.

As a leading, reputable local SEO agency in Exeter, Marwick Marketing help small and medium sized businesses to rank higher on Google, drive more organic search traffic and generate more leads and sales from their websites.

SEO Masterclass with Cornwall Chamber Of Commerce by Marwick Marketing

We recently sat down with the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce for an exclusive SEO Masterclass for chamber members.

If you missed it, don’t panic, we have it recorded below. During this video, our CEO, Christian Thomson discusses Google’s new Web Core Vitals update, keywords, seven pillars to SEO success, and much more. Enjoy!

Search Engine Optimisation Exeter

Are you ready to take your website – and your business – to the next level?

Contact the Marwick team to find out more about our local Exeter SEO agency services and how we can help put your website to work for you today.

Our Exeter SEO agency team have put together a short video so you can get to know us. Watch the video below and give us a call today!

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Cornwall Google Partner
"The Marwick team is brilliant to work with. They are great at communicating the technical SEO aspect of their work, showing clearly how their SEO efforts are benefiting our business. They have listened to how we wish our brand to be presented digitally and made suggestions and implemented ideas that align with this. We highly recommend them."
Emily Nixon
Emily Nixon Jewellery - Hayle, Cornwall

Why Hire Marwick Marketing To Be Your Local Exeter SEO Agency?

There are plenty of great SEO agencies in Exeter. So why choose Marwick Marketing as your trusted digital marketing partners?

Exeter SEO, and SEO in general, is complex and fast changing.

Tactics that helped your website rank number 1 yesterday might not work today. And those that work today might not work tomorrow.

Developing and executing the right SEO strategy for your business, and applying it in a flexible and agile way is the key to unlocking your future online growth and maximising your websites potential.

Unlike many other Exeter SEO agencies, we have a long and proven track record in search engine optimisation that spans over a decade. During that time, we’ve worked with thousands of local businesses to help them grow their organic search reach.

We have a tried and tested SEO process that gets repeatable, predictable results, time and time again.

Our Exeter SEO team is made up of experienced search engine optimisation specialists who continually adapt, pivot and enhance client SEO campaigns to ensure we deliver maximum return on investment for our clients and partners.

SEO Exeter - Case Study 1 - Emily Nixon

Fine jewellery crafted in Cornwall studio by designer Emily Nixon.

In May 2021 Emily Nixon and her team hired Marwick. With the goal of increasing organic traffic for their website from the UK & USA.

Marwick Marketing set about optimising Emily Nixon’s website for a range of highly searched keywords.

This allowed the website to rank high for all of its major keywords. In four months the website Organic Traffic increased by 52% generating dozens of leads every week.

“The Marwick team are brilliant to work with. They are great at communicating the technical aspect of their work, clearly showing how their efforts benefit our business. They have listened to how we wish our brand to be presented digitally, made suggestions, and implemented ideas that align with this. We highly recommend them.”

Emily Nixon enjoys number one placements on Google due to our SEO services for keywords like “cornish jewellery designer” and “cornish jewellery maker” – imagine if your website was number one on Google too!

Best SEO Agency In Exeter - 100+ Google Reviews
"Christian really helped us to understand SEO. We had never really understood what search engine optimisation meant, but now we do! Clear, professional and concise, working with Marwick Marketing was a pleasure."
SEO consultant cornwall
Rebecca (Bulcraig) Heane
Cream Cornwall - Helston, Cornwall

What is Exeter SEO?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of editing your website so that it performs better on search engines like Google. The goal, is to attract more users to your website via organic search from your target audience, and convert more of those users into customers.

Local Exeter SEO helps businesses in Exeter to rank higher on Google with their websites. Those higher positions on the SERPs (or Search Engine Results Pages), subsequently increases the amount of people who view your website. And ultimately, increases the amount of customers or inquiries your website generates.

There are hundreds of factors that go in to deciding which order Google will rank websites in, and these factors are usually split into two groups – onpage and offpage factors.

Onpage optimisations are optimisations you can make to your websites pages that help Google better access and understand your content and your company.

Offsite optimisations can take different forms depending on your SEO goals and what you want to achieve.

For local or Exeter SEO, we’ll usually recommend and talk about citations. These are mentions of your company in key places on the internet and in key local area websites. Building more and better citations is a key way to enhance your offsite SEO when it comes to local search engine optimisation.

For national or international level SEO, key offsite factors might include links and mentions of your brand in key industry publications or respected and trusted seed sites.

SEO in Exeter is constantly evolving, and competition is ever increasing.

With more businesses online than ever before, your local Exeter company faces stiffer competition.

So partnering with the right SEO agency in Exeter is vital to the growth of your website, and your business.

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Marwick Marketing Exeter SEO Agency Certifications

"We've been working with Christian for the past few months on improving our website's SEO and ranking. With his help we have seen both an increase in traffic and a jump to no 3 on page one of google's listing, aiming for no 1 spot soon when his final improvements are implemented."
SEO agency near cornwall
Rob Innis
Gold Bird Hair Design - Truro & Wadebridge

Our Tried And Tested SEO Process

Our 4 step SEO process has helped hundreds of businesses to increase targeted organic search traffic to their websites, and ultimately generate more leads and sales online.

1. Lay The Foundations

It all starts with ensuring that your site’s technical foundations are built solidly and on sound SEO principles and best practices. Having the right foundations makes it easy for Google to find your most important pages.

2. Optimize Your Pages

With the foundations laid, it’s time to start building. Identifying keywords that actually drive traffic in your niche and strategically placing them in key onpage HTML elements on the correct pages on your site helps Google to understand what that page is about and rank it accordingly.

3. Build Your Brand

Backlinks, citations, mentions of your brand name on the web and even people searching your brand name are all strong indicators that your site is useful, important and relevant. Fine-tuning and then amplifying those factors turn up your online brand power and drives authority to your website.

4. Own Your Niche

Now is the time to expand your reach with a well-researched, expertly designed content development strategy. We’ll help you become the go-to resource in your niche, expand your organic reach and rank for more keywords. All by creating high-quality, research-driven content that engages your audience and answers the questions they are actively searching for.