We Are Hiring – Updated 8th December 2020


  • Google Ad Consultant – Based in British Columbia (Learn More)
  • Search Engine Optimization Consultant – Based in British Columbia (Learn More)

Customer Service & Finance

  • Account Director – Squamish, BC (Learn More)
  • Administrative Assistant w/ Bookkeeping Experience – Based in British Columbia (Learn More)

Sales & Business Development

  • Business Growth Manager – Fraser Valley, BC (Learn More)
  • Business Growth Manager – Prince George, BC (Learn More)

Marwick Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency based in British Columbia. Here’s a quick introduction.


  • are really interested (ok, in love) in digital marketing
  • appreciate a good challenge
  • prefer Chess to Checkers
  • figure out how to fix it instead of who’s to blame
  • paid for your own stuff as a teenager
  • love the outdoors


  • strive every day to be the trusted digital marketing partner to businesses that want to succeed online
  • love community; our work community, home community, and town’s community
  • think of mistakes as a golden opportunity to learn something new
  • care more about your intelligence and values than your experience